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Roll Up 6 PACK Paper Bag
Roll Up 6 PACK Paper Bag
Roll Up 6 PACK Paper Bag
Roll Up 6 PACK Paper Bag
Roll Up 6 PACK Paper Bag

Roll Up 6 PACK Paper Bag

4 bags per case
Each bag contains 6 rolls
Perfect for trips to the cottage, boats, RV, camping and much more!
Septic SAFE!! Does not block drains, dissolves quickly, clog free.
Premium triple length rolls
350 sheets and 3 ply
100% Bamboo - FSC certified
Ultra-soft, strong & hypoallergenic
Septic safe
Plastic free packaging
Compostable bamboo core


    Making sustainable products AFFORDABLE & STYLISH is what we’re all about.

    With 350 sheets and 3 ply per roll, we make certain they last you longer so you don't need to restock too often.

    At $32 per case, $1.33 per roll, $0.38 per 100 sheets you get the best value and quality for your dollars.

    Roll Up bamboo toilet paper is crafted from bamboo fibers, which are inherently shorter and finer. These fibers create a softer, more delicate paper that breaks down and disintegrates rapidly when exposed to water and makes it naturally the softest toilet paper out there.

    Bamboo toilet paper breaks much quicker which makes it a better alternative to traditional toilet paper, for your septic system and especially septic tanks.

    By eliminating the presence of harmful substances in your septic system, we also contribute to its long-term health.

    Absolutely not! Making ecofriendly toilet paper doesn’t stop at the product, in fact, our packaging are made in a way that eliminates plastic right down to the tape.

    Each roll is protected with a wrapper made from recycled materials. Our boxes also made of recycled paper are recyclable and our roll cores made of bamboo are compostable.

    By avoiding the use of plastic in our products and packaging, we commit to positive environmental practices. 

    The trees used for traditional toilet paper, such as softwood and hardwood species, have slow growth rates and it takes years, if not decades, for these trees to mature.

    The processing of wood pulp requires an immense amount of resources. It takes gallons of water, energy, and chemicals to transform wood logs into the soft paper rolls we use every day. These resource-intensive processes contribute to environmental degradation and increase our carbon footprint.

    On the other hand, bamboo paper is more than just reliable and its manufacturing process encompasses responsible sourcing and a lower environmental impact which contributes to healthier forests, cleaner air, and the preservation of precious ecosystems.

    In order to protect the rolls from dust and moisture, we decided to individually wrap each roll and while we’re at it, why not make the wrappers colorful and stylish! It adds a touch of funk to your bathroom and amazes your guests. It’s win-win situation.

    Disagree? Not a problem ;) We also have the “unwrapped / naked” edition that’s right for you.