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Why 3-Ply Toilet Paper Is The Only Way To Go In The Bathroom!

3 Ply Bamboo Toilet Paper. Stylish bathroom upgrade.

Why 3-ply toilet paper is the only way to go in the bathroom

Universal pet peeves can be so much fun to share because most people usually have a story about it. When it comes to the bathroom, many burst out about their hilariously horrific stories when grabbing some tissue from the roll. Descriptions of the texture and thinness that 2-ply tissue sheets don’t seem ideal for anyone’s rear at all. God forbid anyone had to deal with 1-ply toilet paper.

And here enters 3-ply toilet paper. Like the increase in numbers, there’s also an increase in the quality that those sheets feature. Because there are three layers, it brings along a set of benefits that can be really enticing and a great investment. After all, there’s no day that we don’t use the toilet.

Here are a few reasons why you should get a supply of 3-ply toilet paper:


Experience the peak of luxury in the toilet

Getting 3-ply toilet paper is always going to be better because it’s just comfortable. Unlike the rough texture that two layers of tissue sheets give, three layers provide a smooth and soft experience for both your front and the behind. You don’t need to deal with any complications while seated in the bathroom of your home or office.

3-ply toilet paper truly is peak luxury in the toilet, but it’s also really helpful for a number of things too. When there are unexpected spills that need to be cleaned up, there’s a lot more ease involved when using something thicker to soak everything up.


Avoid getting worried about incorrect measurements

Using TP can make someone a math wizard at the moment as you try to gauge just how much toilet paper, you’re going to need for one wipe. Instead of having the anxiety of whether or not you took the right number of squares that you need and the measurements were correct, opt to get 3-ply.

Having 3-ply toilet paper greatly increases the chances you wouldn’t have to reach for the roll again. The thickness of three layers usually helps to compensate for any squares that you may have miscounted.


Flush away fears of wasting your hard-earned money

Change can be minuscule, but some people can still be a bit wary about the effect it can have on their wallets. Fortunately, though, 3-ply toilet paper is a good investment for anyone in the long run. You can essentially use less of the paper, and you have many more sheets for the coming days. It lessens the chances of needing to call the plumber too.

On top of all of that, you would be helping to save the environment! Sustainable 3-ply toilet paper rolls that are made from bamboo can be a really great decision to gain the benefits regular TP provides and help preserve the resources we have while bringing no harm to the environment.



To sum it up, 3-ply toilet paper is simply the best for your derriere, your wallet, and the environment all at once. Whether it’s inside the bathroom or outside, you can find the best experience in these curated sheets.

Want to know what it’s like to have a luxury bathroom? U Roll Up offers the softest 3-ply toilet paper in Canada, made 100% from bamboo and free of plastic packaging. Order today!

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