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Bamboo paper: 5 Reasons You Should Make the Switch

Renewable Save Water Chemical Free Chlorine Free Bamboo Toilet Paper

Bamboo toilet paper gained popularity early in the pandemic. After a TP-frenzy resulted from the lockdown, consumers couldn’t find TP on store shelves. Desperate for an alternative, they searched the web and stumbled upon bamboo toilet paper.

Bamboo toilet paper is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to regular wood pulp toilet paper. Despite being a type of grass, bamboo has similar properties to hardwood making it a smart choice for many eco-conscious consumers across the World. So, if you haven’t made the switch yet, here are five reasons why you should purchase bamboo toilet paper.

Eco-friendly and renewable than regular toilet paper

You may not know it, but it takes a devastating number of trees to produce a regular toilet paper. Trees do not grow back rapidly and may take over 50 years to regrow. Additionally, processing of wood pulp to paper requires considerable amount of water and energy.

Toilet paper production from bamboo requires 30% less water than trees and consumes lower energy for pulping.

Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than regular trees. You don’t have to worry about planting and growing a new one every time you harvest because it is the fastest-growing plant in the world. It can grow up to 3 feet in one day! So, if you need eco-friendly toilet paper, choose bamboo-based TP!

Soft and comfortable to the skin

We all want to use soft toilet paper for the sake of our skin. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, we also have to think about the process behind the creation of the toilet paper we use.

Did you know that to achieve a soft texture, companies have to use bleach? Yes! The softer and fuller your TP, the more bleach they add. Luckily, bamboo fibers are naturally soft, plush, and strong. With bamboo toilet paper, you don’t have to compromise on softness and strength.

Support a company that gives back to the community

For every roll of toilet paper, you purchase, part of the profits are donated to help the communities around us. We have associated with Habitat for Humanity and help provide a solid foundation for families to build a better life for themselves and their children. If you want to use your buying power to help a company that offers eco-friendly products and also takes a stand for environmental protection, then you need to buy bamboo toilet paper.

No more toxins on your peach

Most white toilet paper contains toxins that can cause irritation to your skin like bleach, chlorine, and dyes etc. People may commonly use chlorine for swimming pools, but it can be a skin irritant. While bleach is a harsh chemical that also irritates the skin. Instead of exposing yourself to these chemicals, use bamboo toilet paper.

Affordable toilet paper

A lot of companies offer affordable bamboo toilet paper. Some even offer a box of 24 rolls for only $32. So, if you want an eco-friendly and affordable toilet paper, pick the bamboo TP. The environment, your wallet, and your bum will thank you.

Switching to bamboo toilet paper is one of the best decisions you can make. It’s affordable, eco-friendly, and safe for your skin. The companies behind them also give back to the community and are mindful of their effect on our planet.

If you plan on making the switch, you need to choose a good bamboo toilet paper company. Luckily, we at Roll Up, offer the softest toilet paper in Canada. It’s 100% Bamboo, tree-free, strong, sustainable, and stylish. Purchase today!