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How traditional toilet paper is harmful to the environment

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Remember the toilet paper craze in 2020? That was quite the news story that swept the population. However, it did start an important conversation about toilet paper, its uses, and how the production of it works.

The discussion also revolved around how toilet paper impacts the environment and whether producing it was worth it at all. Our everyday use of 3-ply toilet paper, wipes, and kitchen paper towels can be a little concerning once we dive into the materials they cost us. However, there’s an emerging game-changer that any toilet paper user should be aware of. 

Keep reading to find out more about bamboo toilet paper and why it’s a force to be reckoned with in the fight against deforestation. 

Traditional Toilet Paper Demand

There’s almost always a need for toilet paper or paper towels. They’re used to clean up spills or for wiping after you’re done in the bathroom. Toilet paper is one of the most essential tools for keeping an area clean and yourself sanitized.

Traditional toilet paper is often made using a combination of hardwood and softwood. Virgin pulp fibers from the trees are often used to make toilet paper as strong or as soft as needed.

Naturally, the production of this type of toilet paper would need trees to be cut down and harvested. This can be difficult in Canada, where the boreal forest is home to many Canadian Aboriginal communities and many species of wildlife. 

Logging and Deforestation

Logging has been a serious problem not just in Canada but worldwide. Africa and Borneo are both notable victims of constant deforestation, but the effects of these ventures span more than within those areas. Everyone on the planet is affected by deforestation. 

Trees are vital in minimizing the effects of climate change and the spread of greenhouse gases, but forests are thinning bit by bit, leaving us with almost nothing. Along with removing the trees, deforestation also means eliminating the homes of natives and endangered species that need an environment to thrive in.

But as we mentioned above, toilet paper is considered an essential item. Hygiene is a must, and we can’t just eliminate toilet paper production altogether. What’s needed is a superb toilet paper alternative that delivers the same job while containing none of the environment-demolishing factors. Bamboo toilet paper checks every box of that criteria.

The Integration of Bamboo 

Bamboo grows considerably faster than most trees do. This makes it highly renewable, which means more toilet paper can be produced sooner and without many repercussions. Using it as the main component for toilet paper makes it more environmentally friendly. 

It’s also notable that the end product isn’t that different from regular toilet paper, besides it being softer in texture. You can still use it to clean and soak up any mess and for when you’re done with the toilet. It’s a no-brainer to make the switch and help out the environment. 


To sum it up, bamboo toilet paper helps protect the planet because its quick regrowth wouldn’t cause the deforestation that traditional toilet paper brings. You still get the same perks, but you’re keeping the trees and forests intact for everybody else, including our little wildlife creatures. 

If you’re searching for the softest and most eco-friendly toilet paper, you’re in luck! Roll Up offers bamboo paper products that are both sustainable and stylish. Changing the World, one roll at a Time. Order now!

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