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Over or Under? The BIG Toilet Paper Debate

Over or Under? The BIG Toilet Paper Debate

Who knew Drama can take place in the washroom?!




Ahh, the age-old question of whether to hang toilet paper over or under the toilet, which has been the reason behind numerous debates worldwide. There are many people with strong opinions on this matter.

Hey there, fellow toilet seat activists! Welcome to the stage where we take on a comedic twist on the world-famous debate.

Today, we're diving deep into the hilarious debate of over vs. under toilet paper orientation—a story as old as time (or at least as old as our indoor plumbing). So, grab a popcorn, hold onto your seat (pots if you wish to), and get ready to roll with laughter alongside our toilet paper crew.


The Overlords: Advocates of the Over Position

Let us talk about those of you who are the advocates of the over position, you heroic souls who believe that toilet paper should hang in a glorious over the top of the roll. You argue that this orientation makes for easier access, smoother tearing, and an overall more aesthetically experience. After all, come on life is all about aesthetics and especially for our brand where we provide you with the best stylist options to flaunt in your washrooms. who wouldn't like our toilet paper like a style statement in the comfort of their own bathroom?


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The Underdogs: Fight Back for the Under Position

Champions of the under-position stand corrected & firm in their belief that toilet paper should hang discreetly underneath the roll, hidden from plain sight. If anyone of you who is reading this stands by the above statement let us take a moment of silence for you, as your sense of style has died. You claim that this orientation prevents excessive wastage, reduces the risk of accidental tearing, and maintains a neat appearance?? For you, the under position is not just a preference; it's a way of showing rigidness for the wrong thing (kidding).


It Reflects your Personality: Trust us when we say so!

Imagine you walk into an apartment where two roommates A and B are engrossed into a clash over toilet paper orientation.


A advocating the over position, while B defends the under position.


Their banter escalates with each finding creative ways to dominate their preference and reflecting their personalities. Yet another day of living with roommates: finding small things to argue about. From dishes left in the sink to thermostat wars, roommates often find themselves estranged in futile disputes over the smallest details. The toilet paper debate has again made a place becoming a symbol of their shared living experience. Despite the laughs and eye rolls, these silly quarrels serve to bond roommates and create cherished memories. After all, in the grand scheme of apartment living, it's the little disagreements that add flavor to the camaraderie.


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As the Over Vs Under debate still remains adamant in households around the world, let us pause to give you the right answer derived by the scientists which clearly says its OVER!!!! (You do you).


Though your preference & choice of toilet paper orientation reflects deeper aspects of human psychology. A modest but important step towards a more environmentally friendly future is the choice to use organic toilet paper in the pursuit of sustainability and mindful living. So, the next time you find yourself arguing about the orientation of your toilet paper roll, remember that the true measure of sustainability lies not in how it hangs, but in the conscious choices we make each day.