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Sustainable Tourism in Canada

Sustainable Tourism in Canada

The hospitality industry in Canada is taking important steps to promote sustainability and make a positive impact on the environment. From hotels and resorts to restaurants, bars, cafes, and more – businesses are doing their part to create an elevated guest experience that is both enjoyable for customers as well as environmentally friendly.

To start off with their efforts towards sustainability, many hospitality businesses have implemented energy-efficient practices such as LED lighting fixtures or motion sensors that turn lights off when not in use. This helps reduce electricity consumption while still providing guests with adequate lighting during their stay or visit. Additionally, some establishments have even gone so far as installing solar panels on rooftops which reduces reliance on traditional sources of power generation significantly.

Moreover, many Canadian companies also offer green initiatives such as recycling programs where they encourage guests to sort recyclable items from non-recyclables before disposing them into designated bins; this greatly reduces waste production while helping the environment at large too! Furthermore there’s also been an increase in eco-friendly amenities offered by various establishments ranging from organic toiletries to biodegradable packaging materials - all of which contribute positively towards reducing pollution levels within our communities & cities alike.

Finally we can't forget about water conservation either – various properties across Canada have installed low flow showers & toilets along with rainwater harvesting systems for irrigation purposes thus ensuring efficient usage of this precious resource without compromising customer comfortability whatsoever.

All these efforts combined help create a sustainable yet luxurious atmosphere for visitors staying/dining at any one given establishment - ultimately leading us closer towards achieving environmental balance & harmony between manmade structures & natural ecosystems around us today.

A great example is LANGDON HALL COUNTRY HOUSE HOTEL & SPA located in Cambridge, Ontario. Their dedication towards sustainable tourism has taken them to the next level by adopting the highest environmental practices.

To reduce deforestation, LANGDON HALL COUNTRY HOUSE HOTEL & SPA started using ROLL UP bamboo toilet paper. They also partnered with the team at  THE KEEP REFILLERY who refills all of their toiletries to further reduce the number of single-use plastics on their property.

Learn more about their initiatives here : LANGDON HALL COUNTRY HOUSE HOTEL & SPA

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